peace in the struggle to find peace

comfort on the way to comfort

May 22nd, 2013

following thunder

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Work is going well. I like my job. I feel like it takes a lot out of me, but at least these days it pays better. (I make 50% more at my "new" job than I did at the old one. And my boss is wonderful.)

I should write more. The writing and the not-writing hurt equally. I should not be content with the path of least resistance.

Thunderstorm rolling in, tonight. The sky is green and restless.

I am green and restless.

March 14th, 2011

hard to believe, i know.

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but i've de-lurked enough to post a thread on the Help Japan auction over at lj.

two thousand words from me may take a month, but i want to give what i can.

April 24th, 2010


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So I read in the wiki that in Gluhen, Omi assumes the family codename Persia, and starts a new group of Wei├člets; and that it's canon that his father is not Takatori Reiji, but Shuuichi.

I also read that in the last episode, Aya/Ran gets randomly stabbed by a random kid and crawls off into the night to die alone, or some stupid shit like that.

The first thing filled me with warm fangirl pleasure; the second with many rollings of fangirl eyeballs.

But then I wrote this.
(No idea if it jives with the rest of Gluhen, but can't say that I'm really bothered. This was unexpected fun to write.)

Fic goes here. )

April 20th, 2010

icon meme!

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I stole this icon meme from Jenn! Because we have been known to sit about the house and talk about our icons at great length, after all. ♥ (And also because I am home sick, and what better way to spend my time than by messing about with my icons. Really.)

1. How do you feel right now?

2. What is your favourite pastime?

3. Do you consider yourself a strange person?

4. What is your main fandom?

5. OTP?

6. How do you describe yourself?

7. What is your favourite icon to use that is not default?

8. Do you have an icon of your future husband/wife?

9. Do you have a WTF icon?

10. How do you feel towards love?

11. Saddest icon?

12. Happiest icon?

January 21st, 2010


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ganked from Liz!

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request ~something~ of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal!*

* optional ;) Especially if you are Liz, from whom I've already requested something. ♥

As for what fandoms I'll do, I'm pretty sure anybody here has a good idea of what fandoms I know. Try me?

writing list:

* for [info]temiskou: Bart/Billy Lee; late night desert conversations
* for [info]midnite_mod: something PW-y, or Trish/Dante
* for [info]white_aster: cracky steampunk Xenogears AU goodness
* for [info]darthneko: Racquel & Jessie
* for [info]alorian: Yami seeing snow for the first time
* for armistice_day: Jessie & Prim, father/daughter vignette.
* for [info]graymary: Tsuzuki & Hisoka

December 23rd, 2009

and it's beginning to snow~

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Our final advent calendar update is a little early, as we're traveling out of town this afternoon, and won't return until Christmas itself.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Happy midwinter to you and yours. ♥

December 7th, 2009

Day Seven

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More fic from me, today! Two of my very favorite characters from Apollo Justice, and the way I imagine things happen after all the events of the game have unfolded. This one's been brewing for a long time (we finished the game pretty much this time last year).

As such, it's full of spoilers for pretty much the whole game! (And, the flip side of that, it might not even make any sense unless you've played the game, too.)

So, caveat lector. But, if you read, I hope you enjoy. ♥

December 4th, 2009

Fic by request!

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...I feel compelled to preface these with a disclaimer, that they are ten and eight years old (respectively). But I hope they stand the test of time, at least enough to still be palatable. :)

'the Bible fic' )

'the Chaucer fic' )

Day Four

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Today's advent calendar offering is fic from me, something I've been mulling over for a long time: a bit of resolution for two often-forgotten figures from a famous legend.

It's not our usual fare (i.e., not from an anime or videogame), but then again, I did write Chaucer fic and Bible fic, back in the day. If you read, I hope you enjoy. ♥
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